Customers have a number of options to talk about their experience with your business. Facebook, twitter, linkedin, forums, yelp, blogs, youtube and various other review, ratings and social media sites. People who are satisfied with a business normally don’t mention anything on these sites. It is usually the disgruntled customer who would spread the bad word.

When a customer spreads bad information about you, you need to respond back appropriately to control the damage. But how will you monitor all these avenues and more importantly do you have the time to spend on looking for these type of comments.

How we can help manage your reputation:

  • Monitor all the different on-line avenues for every comments about your company
  • We take care of all the positive, negative and neutral comments
  • Bring any issues to your attention
  • Thank people for positive comments and get them spread the word
  • Reply appropriately to the user with negative or neutral comments
  • Add appropriate positive information so that the negative information gets pushed to the bottom of search results
  • Act as a bridge between you and the upset customer and try to resolve issues if there are any

In short, you can expect us to do everything in our power to do the best for your brand and company.