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Share Testimonials on Twitter

Periodically tweet short fresh testimonials from your customers.  For example:  Thank you John who says: using #ZitBeGone has given me more confidence to make every day a success!   Tweets like this can help give a potential customer the boost they need to visit your site and possibly purchase your products.

Use Photos or Images on Twitter

As you probably already know, images and photos can greatly increase the response to a post or tweet so you should definitely take that into consideration.  Emotions greatly influence what we buy and what we don’t buy so use photos to bring out the emotions needed to trigger a person’s decision to buy your products and/or services.

Be Consistent in Twitter

Nothing can kill a social media account like an inactive user.  Don’t think you can post once or twice a month and keep an active following.  You have to be consistent and you have to participate.  Work out a tweeting schedule and stick with it.  Retweet items of interest.  People are active at different times so tweeting items of interest one time will not achieve the results you need.

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