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Keyword Stuffing

Ever see a page that just looks spammy? Perhaps something like:

“Bob’s cheap Seattle plumber is the best cheap Seattle plumber for all your plumbing needs. Contact a cheap Seattle plumber before it’s too late.”

Not surprisingly, a persistent myth in SEO revolves around the concept that keyword density—the number of words on a page divided by the number of instances of a given keyword—is used by the search engines for relevancy and ranking calculations.

Despite being disproved time and again, this myth has legs. Many SEO tools still feed on the concept that keyword density is an important metric. It’s not. Ignore it and use keywords intelligently and with usability in mind. The value from an extra 10 instances of your keyword on the page is far less than earning one good editorial link from a source that doesn’t think you’re a search spammer.

Evaluate the Navigation of Your Website

Ask theses questions?

  • Are links labeled with anchor text that provides a clear indication of where they lead without over using exact match anchor text?
  • Depth – what is the maximum number of clicks it takes to reach a page within the depths of the site?
  • Does any part of your site use Flash?
  • Responsive to click feedback – Is a response given immediately (0.1 seconds) after a click is made on a hyper-link?
  • Do click-able items stylistically indicate that they are click-able?
  • How intuitive is it to navigate? Are signs obvious or obscured?
  • Is it readable? Consider typeface, font size, color contrast.
  • Is there a clear statement of PURPOSE of the site? The purpose must be clear within a few seconds.
  • Do you have a clear call to action on each page?
  • Is a logical site map available?, If not, is a keyword-based search feature available? Note: Large (multi-thousands of pages) sites should have a search form.

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