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Month: May 2017

Evaluate the Design of Your Website

Ask theses questions?

  • Is the site’s design aesthetically appealing?
  • Are the colors used harmoniously and logically related?
  • Are the color choices visually accessible? (For example high enough in contrast to assist the colorblind and visually impaired in reading the site appropriately)
  • Is the design audience appropriate?- The standard text size should be readable for visitors who don’t know how to adjust their browsers.
  • Are the fonts easy to read on various screen resolutions?

Evaluate the Navigation of Your Website

Ask theses questions?

  • Are links labeled with anchor text that provides a clear indication of where they lead without over using exact match anchor text?
  • Depth – what is the maximum number of clicks it takes to reach a page within the depths of the site?
  • Does any part of your site use Flash?
  • Responsive to click feedback – Is a response given immediately (0.1 seconds) after a click is made on a hyper-link?
  • Do click-able items stylistically indicate that they are click-able?
  • How intuitive is it to navigate? Are signs obvious or obscured?
  • Is it readable? Consider typeface, font size, color contrast.
  • Is there a clear statement of PURPOSE of the site? The purpose must be clear within a few seconds.
  • Do you have a clear call to action on each page?
  • Is a logical site map available?, If not, is a keyword-based search feature available? Note: Large (multi-thousands of pages) sites should have a search form.

Evaluate the Accessibility of Your Website

Ask theses questions?

  • Is content structurally separate from navigational elements?
  • Is the website optimized for mobile?
  • How compliant is the website with W3C coding standards? Valid HTML/CSS?
  • Are ‘alt’ tags in place on all significant images?
  • Are text-based alternatives in place to convey essential information if this is featured within images or multimedia files?
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