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There is no substitute for getting started

Many companies are paralyzed by the need to be perfect the first time. The truth is you are never perfect. In fact, your marketing evolves as your sophistication and understanding evolve. You have to start somewhere. You’ll have to crawl before you run. Just get started, and a good place to start is by doing your due diligence.

Genuine Customer Reviews

The local reviews will help you create a positive impact on the local search rankings of your business. The reviews posted on reliable search engines will help you attract potential customers as a reliable businessperson. The start-ratings will help your listing standout amidst your competitors. If you have a website, you may create a page that will instruct your customers to place reviews on your business.


As a small business owner you are often so overwhelmed that time slips right through your fingers while handling everything that needs to be done.

For this plight, RescueTime is here to help you manage your hours more effectively so that you get more accomplished in a day.

This application tracks the time that you are spending on various websites and applications, because many people are prone to being easily sidetracked. Even if frivolously wasting time is not one of your flaws, the app can be used to track the amount of time spent on the aforementioned tools and even offline activities like meetings and phone calls.

More than just time management, RescueTime also helps users to set and achieve goals, which is noted on the dashboard and covered in weekly e-mail reports so that you are consistently aware of your progress.

As with most of the other services here, RescueTime provides users with a free and paid version. The paid service is $9 per month and comes with some bonus features like website blocking for those that only waste your time, alerts and other impactful elements.

We know small business owners can use all of the help they can get. In most cases, employing an ample staff is just out of the question and not at all efficient. Smart usage of these and other technological companions help save you time, money and mental stability. Let these tools be part of your staff, and empower you to use your superhero abilities rather than waste time on tedious tasks.

The Law of Marketing Entropy

In marketing, entropy is about putting forth effort consistently or what happens when a lack of consistency occurs. It’s about what happens when you provide ongoing marketing verses engaging in hit and miss, or start and stop methods of marketing. I have seen many clients spend the right amount of money (the right mass) in the right places and at the right time to push a ball uphill and get great results. Examples would include; taking a blog and growing it from zero to 3000 page views a month in six months. Another would be getting on page one of organic search after six months. At this point they normally evaluate their success to determine if the payoff was good, considering their efforts and cost. The reality in both situations is that their effort got them to the top of the hill, now they need to realize that it’s time to add new efforts to maximize conversion. That fact is, most advertisers do little if any market research. Research must take place to achieve maximum conversion rate. Now that they are at the top of the hill (on page one organically or achieve a substantial audience), they need to test their messages, their compelling offers and make sure their target is dead on. Doing this when at the top of the hill will increase and maximize their return on their investment.

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